The Book:

Single Harness© is presented while maintaining certain confidentialities. The reasons are: 1. oaths preclude inviting questions; and: 2. while this is a memoir and dedicated to our people back then, it’s with the greatest respect for those currently serving and all who have served.

The Author:

I always think of Millard as a businessman’s businessman. He’s moved from one success to another. Now that I know a little more about his story, I have to be impressed. How does a guy regularly disappear to serve our country for weeks at a time AND still build a successful company? Over achiever would seem to be the word. His writing style is down home, just like he is, yet his story, if fully revealed, would make a new generation of James Bond books. Single Harness will give you a glimpse into a fascinating life well lived.

~B. Ashley Corporate CEO

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